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best rub and tug melbourne

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Had a hard day at work? Need to blow off some steam? Take a detour on your way home and stop in at Bodyline, Melbourne’s Best Erotic Massage Parlour, for an erotic body rub with one of the finest rub and tug ladies in Melbourne. Naked body rubs offer a great way to relieve stress, get rid of unwanted tension and experience total relaxation. And the fact that you have a beautiful woman beside you, lending you a helping hand, makes it all the more satisfying. The feeling of complete bliss you’ll experience when you enjoy a rub n tug in Melbourne will make you forget about your troubles and simply enjoy the moment.

A Sensual Experience Like No Other

Add some sexcitement to your rub and tugs in Melbourne by having one of our girls blindfold you and lightly tie your hands together. You can surrender all control, wants and desires to your Bodyline babe and simply let your imagination run wild! We’ll create an environment complete with sensual music to get you in the mood, lightly infusing the air to relax you. Our Melbourne rub and tug service can also involve the use of a pair of hand cuffs or a silky smooth blindfold so you can enjoy the experience that your heightened senses offer when one is taken away. This naked body rub is truly an unforgettable, erotic experience that will stay with you for years to come. You’ll be blown away by the naked body rubs in Melbourne we offer!

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