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Christmas Lights Tour Perth Top 11 Favorites

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christmas lights tour perth

If you’re looking for a Christmas lights tour in Perth, there are several options available. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Christmas Lights Trail: This is an annual event held in the city of Perth during the holiday season. The event features a self-guided tour of over 30 illuminated installations throughout the city.
  2. Christmas Lights Cruise: Several companies offer cruises along the Swan River during the holiday season, where you can enjoy the festive lights from the water.
  3. Private Tours: You can also arrange a private tour with a local tour company or hire a private driver to take you around to the best Christmas lights displays in Perth.
  4. Bus Tours: There are also several bus tours available that take you to the best Christmas lights displays in Perth. These tours typically last a few hours and include stops at multiple locations.

No matter which option you choose, be sure to bundle up and bring a camera to capture the magical holiday displays.

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peddle perth christmas lights

perth christmas lights trail 2022 map

There’s a few different ticketing options for different combinations of passengers, pick the best one that applies to you. We do it this way instead of offering standard tickets so we can assign people to bikes most effectively, legally and comfortably. We also understand family budgets are different.

Please book responsibly, and think of your riders legs 🙂 and get in touch if you’re unsure about any stage of the booking process or have any additional questions!

Note we won’t be able to get to lights in areas like Elizabeth Quay or Hibernian place but you will see all of the lights in Northbridge, the malls, Council House, King’s Square & Yagan Square.


When you join us on a Christmas Lights Tour, you and your friends and family get your own personal chariots, piloted by safe, fit, fun and experienced chauffeurs. Please note that our wonderful chauffeurs are well-trained, assessed on their character, and place the safety and happiness of you and your family as the utmost importance.

We will visit 27 lights of the 35 on the Christmas Lights trail!

We’ll start at the Yagan Square Digital Tower, introducing ourselves, getting you comfortable on the bike and asking what your favourite Christmas Carols are (make sure you request Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is You”) so we can play it on our speakers.

Kids’ faces will be lit up in joy before the adventure even begins, but keep in mind that this is not just for families. We take lots of couples, friends, tinder dates, grandparents, and business partners. Unless you are an absolute grinch this is the most wholesome fun you can have this Christmas!

We’ll then take off, travelling through the streets of Perth in the most unique and fun way possible, and singing along to your favourite songs. Your chauffeur will point out little things along the way and stop at the most impressive light installations across the route. At some point in the tour you’ll realise you’re having just as much fun as the kids, as you interact with the light installations and let the magic of Christmas take you over.

Our chauffeurs also double as professional photographers, and will snap stunning shots of you and your crew that are so good, they belong on the fridge.

We’ll visit beautiful Christmas lights at iconic Perth areas such as the Cultural Centre, Forrest Chase James St, Kings Square, Yagan Square, King St, the Murray St mall, the Hay St mall, St George’s Terrace and the Cathedral. You’ll be amazed at the incredible light installations that the City does a superb job of each year, and be extremely thankful to yourself for choosing to go with us and experience the best of the lights in style, instead of walking around for 4 hours.

When the tour concludes we’ll arrive back at Yagan Square and wish you a big Merry Christmas!

So what are you waiting for? This is an experience that would make the Grinch turn Jolly and is recommended by 100s of people every year and even John Carey, the State Member for Perth. 

What’s included in the price?

You’ll receive a ticket to a one-of-a-kind event that goes for 45 minutes, your own personal chauffeur, unlimited Christmas Carols for you and the family to enjoy, and a feeling of superiority as you glide through the City while others are getting sore feet from walking from installation to installation for hours. You’ll visit the best of the lights installations and in 45 minutes, see what you’d see in 4 hours of walking. Please note we don’t visit Elizabeth Quay on this tour, otherwise our legs will fall off from getting back up that hill multiple times a night 🙂

Where does the event start and can you drop us off somewhere after the event?

The event starts and ends at the Yagan Square Digital Tower. Due to a busy schedule and the riders needing to get their rest in between tours, we unfortunately can’t drop you off elsewhere.

What if we’re late?

It’s important that you’re on time for the event and arrive 10 or so minutes early so you can maximize the good times! We often have a busy schedule after the tour concludes so it’s rare we’re able to go overtime. If we can’t find you at the start time, your rider will ring you and see how far away you are. If there’s no answer the rider will wait 10 minutes and then leave. For tours cancelled due to bad weather we will always reschedule or refund.


We offer the chance to reschedule or a full refund for any tours cancelled with at least 24 hours notice including tours cancelled due to COVID-19. For tours cancelled due to bad weather, we will always reschedule or refund your tour. For tours cancelled last minute a refund or a reschedule will be considered at our discretion.



“”We went on a Christmas Lights tour this evening with Lachie. We had the greatest fun! Lachie was a wonderful guide. His fitness and ability to manoeuvre the bike was amazing, not to mention his ability to clear our way on a busy night in the city. My daughter loved that he entrusted her with his phone in order for her to DJ our ride. It was a fabulous way to see the Lights and we will definitely book in again next year.”

“We took a Peddle Perth tour of the Christmas lights with our four children. It was such an experience to remember and we are planning on it becoming a family Christmas tradition. The kids loved the fun atmosphere and we got to see so many more of the Christmas lights than we would have on foot. Would highly recommend!!”

“I found Peddle Perth on Instagram over Christmas and did their tour of the Christmas lights. It was an amazing experience! Our tour guide was so friendly and chatty, it made the experience all the more enjoyable. We went with 2 adults and 1 small child – we all comfortably fit into one cart. We’ve only done the Christmas lights which was the best! But I would love to try one of their bar crawl tours that they offer!”

“Took the kids on the Xmas lights tours. They both loved it, especially our special needs daughter. Phil and Mikaela were awesome with both kids, super patient and happy to go with the flow. Can’t wait to do it again this year.”

“Zac and two of his crew took our family to see the Christmas lights. The tour was so much fun. The gang at Peddle Perth were lots of fun and we felt very safe. They were brilliant with my 80 year old dad – had lots of fun with all of us. Great way to see the Christmas lights tour especially as it would have been a fair walk to see the light displays. Great little company with great staff.”

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